2017-2018 Super Scooper Squad

May Lee Birks

Major: Architecture
Home Town: Ottawa, Ontario
Favourite Flavour: Passion Fruit
Hobby: doodling n singning wewww
Music: Anything from Lana Del Rey to Fetty Wap
Fun Fact: I can touch my feet with my head!

Jacqui Liu

Major: Chemical Engineering
Home Town: Calgary, Alberta
Favourite Flavour: Green Tea
Hobby: Playing guitar and pretending I can sing lol
Music: Coldplay, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran ... It's all about the feels
Fun Fact: I can lick my elbow... ask me to show you!

Alex Hale

Major: Computer Engineering
Home Town: Toronto, Ontario
Favourite Flavour: Chocolate 6x
Hobby: Biking vroom vroom
Music: Whatever Spotify recommends to me on the front page ... I'll dance to anything!
Fun Fact: My dad's side of the family is from Trinidad and Tobago. I don't have a fun accent though ...

Gordy Noel

Major: Minning Engineering
Home Town: Vancouver, BC
Favourite Flavour: Chocolate Peanut Butter
Hobby: Board gaming and video gaming
Music: INXS, Rise Against, Frank Sinatra
Fun Fact: I play Golden Snitch in Quidditch, in case you see me wearing all gold and are confused.

Nina Qi

Major: Electrical Engineering
Home Town: Calgary, Alberta
Favourite Flavour: Rolo Yolo
Hobby: Celebrity musical impressions! Ask me to show you, I've gotten pretty good!
Music: Hannah Montana is my jam
Fun Fact: I've always wanted a pet horse to ride to school

David Ritch

Major: Software Engineering
Home Town: Montreal, Quebec
Favourite Flavour: Chocolate Orange
Hobby: Coding games, event planning and Netflix
Music: Anything, as long as I can dance!
Fun Fact: The only thing I love more than Frostbite ice cream is cars!

Liam Allman

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Home Town: Stittsville, Ontario
Favourite Flavour: Rolo Yolo
Hobby: All things sports! Watching them, playing them, talking about them. Come talk to me about any sport if you're intersted!
Music: I love my country music
Fun Fact: I was once featured on TSN

Chantel Yung

Major: Civil Engineering
Home Town: Toronto, Ontario
Favourite Flavour: Triple Chocolate Brownie
Hobby: Drinking so much coffee that I shake
Music: Bahamas, Brockhampton, middle school dance vibes, you name it!
Fun Fact: I was pranked by the show Just for Laughs

Elie Elia

Major: Software Engineering
Home Town: Nicosia, Cyprus
Favourite Flavour: Mint Chocolate Chip
Hobby: Photography and graphic design
Music: High School Musical is life?
Fun Fact: I'm lactose intolerant but work at Frostbite
A wise one once said “You can't purchase happiness... but you can purchase ice cream. #stayGucci ”